Agricultural Commodity Marketing

Priag Marketing, established in 1991, is a Narrabri based agricultural marketing services company specialising in grain, pulses, cotton and crop insurance. Priag assists growers in making informed agricultural marketing decisions and executing these in a hassle free environment.


What we offer

Grain Marketing

Marketing is just as important as producing the crop. With less regional representation from buyers, it is becoming vital to have a business that is working in your interest and connecting you with multiple buyers.

Tailored Marketing Management

We have global expertise, an understanding of markets and a strong familiarity with what is happening in the region on any given day.

Cotton Marketing

Independently marketing cotton since 2007, we work closely with producers to develop and implement personalised marketing strategies.

Crop Insurance

Priag Marketing acts as an agent for Crop Risk Underwriting (CRU) to provide broad acre Crop Insurance solutions to farmers.

Road Freight

Whether it be moving grain to bulk handling systems or straight to end users – we can help.

Chicken Manure

Putting much needed nutrients back into the soil, Priag Marketing markets and distributes Chicken Manure out of Proten sheds in the Tamworth region.

Our mission is to:


  • Provide clients with insightful market information that leaves them with the comfort that they have benefited from the services of Priag Marketing.


  • To put growers in a position where they are able to make informed marketing decisions.

In this business it’s what you know and who you know that matters.

The challenge is leveraging both, thereby creating market value.

That’s what we do.






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