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2021/2022 Wheat and Barley Harvest Pools

The Priag Harvest Pool gives you time and market diversification in your grain sales this season. Your grain is collectively sold over the Pools November 2021 to December 2022 marketing window into various markets without any effort from you. You can confidently take a back seat in your grain marketing knowing that Priag will be working to spot the opportunities in the market for you.

The Priag Harvest Pool provides you with four payment options so that you can choose the cash flow option which best suits your farming business.

What the Priag Harvest Pool aims to achieve

To take advantage of seasonal marketing opportunities over the term of the Pool and spreading your price risk over a wider marketing period.

The Pool management team will ensure the pool maintains a sales pace which enables the pool to make regular payments, whilst maintaining the flexibility to execute a seasonally appropriate sales plan while keeping within prudent hedging and sales limits.

A choice of Payment Options to suit your business

The Priag Harvest Pool gives you four payment options so you can choose the one that is right for your business.


  • Distribution Payment Option spreads your payments out across four payments in March, June and September with a finalisation payment in November to December. Distribution payments broadly align to times of higher cashflow requirements, such as sowing or harvest.
  • Advanced Payment Option provides you with the majority of your cashflow and payment at harvest when you deliver grain into the Pool. The final payment will be made between November to December of the following year.
  • Deferred Payment Option provides cashflow and income from July to the finalisation of the pool with payments in July, September and the final payment between November to December of 2022.
  • Harvest Loan Option provides you with cashflow at harvest through a line of credit which is repaid from the regular Pool distribution payments.

The current Harvest Loan interest rate is TBC%. Interest is calculated on outstanding balances and charged monthly.

More information on the different payment options available to you can be found in the Pool Providers Disclosure Guide and the Priag Marketing Pool Terms and Conditions.

The information presented in relation to the different Payment Options does not constitute tax advice to you. It is very important that you seek professional financial and tax advice in relation to your particular circumstances.

How do you access the Priag Harvest Pool

Accessing the Priag Harvest Pool is simple.


View the Pool PROVIDER Disclosure Document

Choose the payment option which best suits your business


Either pre-contract OR transfer Grain at Harvest

Harvest Pool Estimated Pool Return

The Harvest Pool Estimated Pool Return (EPR) will be updated a minimum of fortnightly during harvest and then monthly throughout the Pool marketing period. Personalised updates are provided directly to pool participants on email or can be requested from our office at any time.

Estimated Pool Return is an estimate of the Pool Return. The EPR is quoted on a port equivalent basis and is net of all Management Fees and Operating Costs which include, but are not limited to costs, losses or claims associated with pool establishment, operating costs, marketing and sales of the grain (a complete definition of operating costs can be found in the Priag Pool Terms and Conditions). The EPR may include estimates of future Operating Costs. To calculate your estimated silo return you will need to deduct the GTA freight rate from the above values.

All of the details

The 2021/22 Priag Harvest Pool opened in October 2021 and will be finalised by December 2022.


Wheat and Barley

Accepted Grades

Accepted grades are limited. A grade may be added or removed at any time.





Accepted Grades are limited. A full list of accepted grades can be found here.

Delivery Locations

Newcastle port zone.

Accepted delivery locations are limited. A full list of delivery locations can be found here.

Pool Provider Disclosure Document

Priag is a member of GTA and subscribes to the GTA Pool Code of conduct. Our Pool Provider Disclosure Guide provides you with a summary of the key features you should know before deciding to commit your grain to the Pool.

Terms and Conditions

You should also be aware of the Priag Harvest Pool Term and Conditions.

How to sign up

Transfer grain directly out of GrainFlow and Graincorp warehouse to Priag Marketing Pools Pty Ltd (Graincorp Buyer Code 61693).
Call 0267924924 to have a contract written and Priag will give you a contract number to transfer against. 

Register your Interest

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