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2021 – Priag celebrates 30 years!!

For 27 years Priag Marketing was an acquisition agent for AWB in Northern NSW. In this role, Priag serviced growers from Willow Tree, up to Narrabri, out to Walgett and through to the Queensland border and all places in between. Since March 2017 Priag has been fully independent in representing the grower, rather than the buyer for their commodity marketing. Priag aligns themselves with buyers who we have had a long history with and who have robust balance sheets.


Priag assists growers with making informed marketing decisions on cotton, pulses and grain and then executing these decisions in a hassle free environment, for both the farmers and the buyers.

Priag Marketing can also assist growers with both summer and winter broad acre crop insurance on behalf of Crop Risk Underwriting, Australia wide.

Priag Marketing has also teamed up with AgriRisk Services to offer cotton crop insurance.

Free Daily Market Report

Priag Marketing also provides a free daily market report for growers.

Meet Our Team

Kevin Schwager

Kevin started Priag Marketing with his wife Mary-Ellen in July 1991. Kevin has long term domestic and international agricultural marketing experience, specialising in grain and cotton, in Australia, South East Asia and South America. Kevin has helped pioneer modern day marketing services to grain and cotton growers in Northern NSW especially in the areas of risk management, market assessment and contract execution.

Kevin has a Bachelor of Business degree with a Marketing Major and a Diploma in Market Research from the University of Southern Queensland.

Kevin is Tier 1 Financial Services Reform Act Accredited and is a former Registered Representative of the Sydney Futures Exchange. When Kevin isn’t at his desk, you could find him inspecting crops, visiting farmers and partaking in his own farming businesses.

Adam Gordon

Adam was raised on a cotton property west of Bellata and started his career in Agricultural Marketing with Priag Marketing as a 22 year old back in 2006. Adam was with us until 2016 when he went off to seek additional professional development in other industries with our blessing.  During his time with us, Adam has worked in various capacities, assisting farmers across Northern NSW with the marketing and execution of their grains, pulses, legumes, oilseeds, cotton and price risk management products.

Adam re-joined our team in July 2020 and amongst other things, will be looking after the marketing and distribution of Chicken Manure working with the buyers and suppliers to ensure timely and efficient movement of the manure from the shed to end user as well as being involved in our Crop Insurance and brokerage aspects of the business.

Outside of Priag, Adam has a young family and enjoys spending time with them and developing his new garden.

Jessie Schwager

Jessie has completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Notre Dame. Jessie joined Priag Marketing in December 2014. Jessie was living in Sydney and working in a Public Relations and Communications Agency when she decided a change to the country was due.

Jessie’s role at Priag Marketing is to assist growers with their marketing of grains, pulses and cotton as well as their Crop Insurance requirements. In 2016, Jessie attended the ACSA International Cotton Institute in Memphis.

Jessie is an Authorised Representative for Crop Insurance on behalf CRU and is accredited in Tier 1 Financial Services Reform Act.

Laurie Sharp

Laurie has completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business Degree with a Major in Marketing from the University of New England. Laurie was previously employed by Priag Marketing for three and a half years from February 2011 until September 2014. Laurie left Priag Marketing and took up employment with a cotton company in Emerald. Laurie and her husband Jack have since returned to Narrabri and Laurie returned to Priag Marketing in March 2016. Laurie knows Northern NSW well having grown up in the Burren Junction area.

Laurie is an Authorised Representative for Crop Insurance on behalf of CRU.

Sarah McGrathPool Commercial & Risk Manager

Sarah is an agribusiness professional with a demonstrated history of working in commodity price risk management, commodity supply chains, strategic marketing, product development, financial services, compliance and agribusiness management. Having worked for some of the biggest national and international agribusiness and trading companies including Elders Limited, AWB Ltd and Cargill over the last 20 years Sarah is well placed to assist Priag in establishing the governance, systems, marketing and product development required for the Priag Pool.

Sarah’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Rural Science and Masters in Applied Finance and Investment.

Mary-Ellen Schwager

Mary-Ellen formed Priag Marketing with Kevin in July 1991. Mary-Ellen has extensive experience in administration having obtained administration qualifications from St Patrick’s Business College, Sydney.

Our Philosophy

When attempting to meet the marketing needs of our clients we need to leave them with the understanding they have benefited from the experience through a professional and competent provision of information. This will allow them to make informed marketing decisions, then to execute these decisions in a hassle free environment for both the seller and the buyer. 


Commodities we deal with:

  • Bread wheat, soft wheat and durum
  • Feed and malt barley
  • Canola
  • Chickpeas
  • Faba beans
  • Sorghum
  • Corn
  • Mung beans
  • Cotton – lint and seed
  • Chicken manure
  • Protein meals

Our Approach

At Priag we know that achieving the best price is not always easy. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when doing your marketing and we believe it is more important to remember why, how and when you need to sell.

We are here to assist with these decisions and ensure that your overall average price better reflects the market movements, in order to avoid selling at the bottom.

Our Travels

Kevin and Mary-Ellen Schwager with farm hosts in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido Japan.
At Priag Marketing we don’t just stay at home. Over many years we have travelled overseas to understand the vagaries of crop production in other countries and the influences of price discovery. These locations have consistently included the United States, Canada, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East.
A cottonseed stock pile in Lubbock, Texas.
A group of northern NSW growers on a GRDC-sponsored chick pea marketing mission to India. A highlight was a visit to the Australian High Commission in New Delhi.
Divella pasta products on supermarket shelves.
We also receive delegations from all over the world and here we had representatives from Mitsubishi.
Jess Schwager (top right) yield testing hard red winter wheat crops in northern Oklahoma in the US. Pictured are agronomist Drew Penberthy, Jim Roestel from Kellogg’s North America, Narrabri farmer Matthew McDonnell, Jiin Lee from Mission Foods, and Guillermo Badino from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kevin and Mary-Ellen with Francesca Divella of the world-renowned Divella product range of pasta. In northern NSW much of our durum wheat is exported to Bari, Italy where the Divella company is headquartered.


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Narrabri NSW 2390

Free Daily Market Report