Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing has changed over the past five years and there are many factors influencing Australian grain prices. Many buyers today do not have market reports, nor regional representation. They are therefore bidding ‘behind the scenes’ and growers may not be aware of their presence. These are the buyers that Priag can connect you with as an additional competitor for your grain.

Managing a farming business has many facets, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Marketing is a side of the business which often gets forgotten about, although needs to be invested in. If you aren’t following markets, you do not know what you are missing and may not be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, and with so much time and money invested in producing high quality crops, marketing is equally important.

Priag Marketing can either broker your grain or be exclusively engaged as the marketing provider for your business to assist with making informed marketing decisions. Refer to our Tailored Marketing Management page for more information on how Priag can be integrated into your business.

You grow the crop, let us help you market it.


Industry Resources:

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