Our Farms

Across 7,000ha Priag Marketing affiliates JKG Pastoral Co and Roma Ag produce both winter and summer crops. These crops include milling wheat, durum, soft wheat, canola, barley, chickpeas, faba beans, cotton and sorghum.

Crops are either marketed as either ex-farm, delivered silo or delivered into the packing industry. These crops will either be sold into the domestic market or sent further afield to South East Asia and the Middle East. Priag Marketing employs local expert agronomists, providing both agronomic and gross margin advice.

Having farming operations puts Priag Marketing in a unique position to understand the needs of our clients first hand.


Our History of Farming

Kevin grew up on a family farm at Wee Waa in northern NSW. After 32 years in the agricultural commodity marketing business the decision was made that if we were going to market it, we might as well grow it as well.

Melburra, situated 45km north east of Narrabri and Wentworth, situated 15km north west of Narrabri both trade under JKG Pastoral Co. 

Roma Station, trading as Roma Ag Pty Limited, is situated 45km north west of Narrabri.

Whilst we understand the joys of farming, we are acutely aware of the price pressures and the influences of weather on the production capabilities of farming.

Jessie, Kevin, Mary-Ellen and Jack Schwager with the number one bale produced by JKG Pastoral Co.

Harvesting at Melburra
A chickpea crop almost ready for harvest on Roma.


Jessie Schwager with farm agronomist Drew Penberthy inspecting a dry land cotton crop on our farm Melburra.


Level 1, 69 Maitland St
Narrabri NSW 2390

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