Tailored Marketing Management

Priag Marketing provides the service of commodity marketing management for family farming operations through to corporate farming organisations. We provide daily market updates as well as monitor all of your marketing requirements – this allows you to spend more time on the production side of the business and other interests. The benefit of having a Marketing Manager like Priag is that we have global expertise, an understanding of markets and a strong familiarity with what is happening in the region on any given day. We have daily interaction with consumers, traders and other growers who may be looking to purchase your grain.

By engaging Priag as your Marketing Manager we are able to help you build and implement a marketing strategy and execute this strategy in a hassle free environment. We keep your production figures and pricing targets on file and aim to have a strong understanding of your risk profile and farming logistics to ensure you are extracting the highest profit for your circumstances. We go beyond just giving you the best price on the day. We are there to assist clients by providing market knowledge and sharing our view so you can determine if a selling decision is right at any given time. We also provide you with market information through a variety of ways such as phone calls, face to face, emails and text messages so you can make sound and judged decisions. In addition to this we provide regular position and mark to market reports and play an integral role in ensuring harvest marketing stress is kept to a minimum. 

Priag Marketing also has strong relationships with private and commercial agronomists in all regions if you are looking for a Marketing and Agronomy Package.

If you would like to know more about the services we provide please give us a call on 02 6792 4924.

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