Cotton Marketing

Priag Marketing has been independently assisting growers with their cotton marketing and ginning since 2007. Prior to this, and from 1991, Priag Marketing was a cotton acquisition agent for Colly Cotton and then Macquarie Cotton. The service we offer is a personalised and holistic one, where we assist you in achieving the best marketing and ginning deals on any given day. We also provide you with market information through a variety of ways such as phone calls, face to face, emails and text messages so you can make sound and judged decisions.

We watch the market every day and have access to numerous buyers, both local and international. We have strong relationships with all buyers and are aware of those who may be particularly interested in your cotton.

Kevin is the main lead for our cotton clients, with Jessie backing him up where required. This allows growers to have one main contact for their business, but also know someone else is in support. Your business is our priority.

We have a portfolio of clients who have chosen to align themselves with us to be a part of their team as their marketing advisor. Our cotton division is very personalised to each signed up client of Priag Marketing, where we are able to assist with marketing and/or ginning negotiation, strategy concepts, position keeping and ginning organisation.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you in order to help you achieve the best value for your cotton and/or ginning please give us a call on 02 6792 4924.

Making informed marketing decisions. We're here to help.


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